Since 1973 FABCHAIR brand has been synonymous with manufacturing of high quality bases and mechanisms for office chairs and other furniture components and with its product designs and manufacturing capabilities, been setting the benchmark for all chair component manufacturers in India.

In today’s highly competitive environment, where consumer expectations are very high and tolerance for failure low, for our customers, FABCHAIR not only means a technical and manufacturing partner to rely on, but also a source for specialized and skilled expertisefor development of excellent products…First Time Right.


In 1973, from the vision of the Dixit family, FABCHAIR was born. A company that was soon specializing in manufacturing components for office chairs and furniture.

The core business focused quickly on manufacturing a large range of bases for chairs, but also ergonomical mechanisms and accessories such as armrests, chair frames, table frames and custom products.

The great success of the company during the years has helped FABCHAIR develop its current manufacturing infrastructure, with latest machinery, state of the art testing facilities and in-house development capabilities. The growth is also enhanced from the continuous investment in technology and skilled expertise that are the main ingredients of streamlined processes, and a high quality manufacturing standard


FABCHAIR advantages are emphasized by following key success factors:


Quality doesn’t mean only to respect international standards, rules, procedures and the continuous checking of products and processes, but also goes with an accurate selection of raw materials, co-operation with top global partners for design and development, robustness and customization


Our strong brand name is based on many years of experience in manufacturing, where our technical skills and professionality always have been accompanied by excellent customer service and fast response time. Our growing expertise in the office furniture market is continuously improving our employees knowledge, therefore helping to always find best solutions for our customers.


Today FABCHAIR is active in all regional markets and is offering complete service directly or through its representatives in all major cities in India


FABCHAIR checks and coordinates all manufacturing processes in order to attain the best possible solution for customers, therefore maintaining a very high quality standard throughout every step, but also keeping a high degree of flexibility in all procedures:

  • technical support and co-design of components and tools
  • tool and fixture manufacturing
  • metal forming and fabrication
  • plastic injection molding
  • choice and manufacturing of custom surface finishes
  • testing and quality control
  • packaging and deliveries

The integration of manufacturing processes brings several advantages to the final customer, from the efficiency of time and costs of manufacturing, to the excellent quality level and quality control standards of every product, both for office chair and other furniture components.

Tech Support

FABCHAIR fulfils the most demanding requests, in terms of quality, innovation and customization of service, through technical and design support that helps customers to be innovative, to improve the performance of their products and to reduce development costs.

FABCHAIR can support customers’ designers and engineers to analyze and evaluate any design draft or proposal and check feasibility and costs, plus propose improvements and alternative solutions to optimize ideas and projects.

Project specifications are accurately analyzed according to costs and lead time, key factors to the final success of products and their competitive positioning in the market. Products can be fully tested in our lab according to EN1335, ANSI BIFMA X5.1 and BS 5459.